The Iris Setlakwe Brand

The Iris Setlakwe brand has a long history that begins in 2001, the year when the fashion line was launched in Montreal. Since that day, the company has been successful, has grown and now has several boutiques across the city and produces high-end clothing year-round! Several things have changed over the years, but the company has never forgotten its raison d'être and its mission: to create superior quality women’s clothing, adapted to the silhouette of the modern woman, while supporting local workers.

A mother of two, Iris Setlakwe quickly realized a profound lack in the Canadian fashion designers market when it comes to women's fashion. Faced with a reality where many women do not feel included, she has launched a range of accessible designer clothing to enhance the natural beauty of all, where the modern woman can express herself and flourish.

Proud to be a Canadian fashion designer

The Iris Setlakwe brand continues to evolve. It is refined and modern; Iris remains timeless! Our brand is based on solid foundations and a strong identity, which is reflected in its creations. We attach great importance to producing clothing in Canada and defines itself first and foremost as a Canadian fashion brand. Our clothes are created, developed and produced by a team of more than 35 employees, which is why there never was, and never will be, a production move to countries like China; it's part of our designs’ DNA!

Today, Iris Setlakwe is proud to say that 90% of her collection is produced locally in Canada, in the city of Montreal. It is essential for the brand to keep the production of clothing in Canada.

Our goal: respect the silhouette and size of women in our clothes

Following her passion, Iris decided to simplify the wardrobe of business women by creating collections where all the pieces coordinate, this increasing tenfold the possibilities of looks. Accepting only excellence in tailoring, the designer continues to share her favorites each season.

The emphasis is on today's woman and her needs when it comes to clothing. There is a lack of representation for many women in the world of fashion and high fashion that our store is working to change. Through creations that everyone, whether you are a mother, of an older age or of a larger size, can wear, Iris Setlakwe allows many to express themselves more freely and show their natural beauty through its collections.

Dressing different people and figures across Canada has been a challenge that Iris Setlakwe has taken on very successfully for almost 20 years! And its reward is more than monetary, it is to hear from satisfied customers who, through our creations, feel good, beautiful and womanly! In Canada and the United States alike, Iris Setlakwe’s unique signature look can be recognized by the cut of her skirts, pants, dresses and tops, all showing clever details that always add a feminine touch.

The people behind the Canadian brand

The clothing line was founded by Iris Setlakwe, who was later joined by her longtime partner Patrick. Life partners for over 29 years and in business together for 10, they have managed to complement each other and push the brand further and further. The addition of Patrick to the team and his experience has enabled the group to grow outside Canada into the huge American market. He now specializes in exporting and wholesaling Iris Setlakwe’s collection and is an integral part of the company's success. We are very happy and lucky to have him on board!

Here's a picture of the designer with her longtime life and business partner. Patrick has worked in fashion for over 20 years.

Where to shop our clothes?

We are proud to have three stores in Montreal where you can shop our new products, our signature look through collections such as I by Iris, and more! We are present in Knowlton and in Mont-Royal in Rockland Center.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about our brand and our great products. We will be happy to help you in your research and allow you to flourish through our creations!
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