Scuba Cigarette Pant - Evergreen
Description:Cigarette scuba pant. This amazing fabric from japan will is very stretch and comfortable. This cigarette pant is mid rise and has a hook in the front. No pockets to keep the clean finish in the front and in the...
$265.00 $79.50
Leopard Jacquard Pencil Skirt - Charcoal
Description:Every year this amazing prints keep coming back. This amazing and comfortable skirt in a mix of wool and Cotton. This skirt will keep you warm and comfy during winter. Pencil skirt with a small slits in the back. A lot of stretch...
$245.00 $73.50
Chanel Tweed Long Jacket - Navy
DescriptionFull length jacket with tree-quarter sleeves with a round neck pockets and fringe detail. It can be worn open as an interior Blazer with the Chanel dress from the same collection or with a nice jeans for a casual look.DetailsContent:...
$625.00 $312.50
Leopard Jacquard Dress Wth Knit Collar - Charcoal
Description:Leopard dress with a black knit collar. We all love the feel of knit during fall and winter times. You want to feel comfortable and warm at the same time. This dress is the perfect combination. The perfect printed dress for...
$425.00 $127.50
Chanel Tweed Pencil Skirt - Navy
Descriptionthe Chanel high waist pencil skirt has a rounded waistband and small details of fringe. This timeless skirt is a classic in your wardrobe. It can be worn with a blouse for a feminine look or with the matching jacket...
$265.00 $132.50
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