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5 Reasons to buy clothes from a Quebec designer

by Iris Setlakwe 19 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Ethical or sustainable fashion is slowly taking over the fashion industry and replacing fast fashion. Quebec designers and artisans represent the very best of ethical fashion. Their brand is a heritage that highlights its history, its values and its unique universe. 

Buying clothes from a Quebec designer guarantees originality, quality and creations made in decent and ethical conditions. Buying local products allows you to encourage these artisans who put a lot of time and passion into their creations. Here are 5 good reasons to fill your wardrobe with clothes made by a Quebec fashion designer:


2. For originality

Motivated by his or her passion, a designer offers unique and original pieces which are flexible and easily match other pieces. When you see the choice of women's and men's clothing offered by designers, each more beautiful and original than the other, the desire to go to big stores quickly dissipates. While keeping up with the seasons and trends, the choices are unlimited.  

 Iris Setlakwe's clothing is designed and produced each season, following a very thorough manufacturing process. The  collection of dresses, skirts or tunics, stand out for their exceptional styling and the meticulous details that add a feminine touch.


2. For quality

When it comes to clothing, quality is important. Low quality fabrics are noticeable (seams, finishing, etc.). However, when you buy clothes from a Quebec designer, you don't have to worry about that because the details are taken care of. The quality of your pieces will allow you to keep them for many years.


Fabric quality

Quebec designers' clothes are manufactured according to high quality. The textiles are of superior quality, the majority of which are made in Canada or imported from Europe.


Manufacturing quality

Made by professional and well-trained designers, their clothes are manufactured to a high standard with well-made seams and finishes, snug and comfortable fit. Thanks to good quality, you are sure to wear your clothes for a long time without the risk of them becoming thin or faded after multiple washings.

Iris Setlakwe carefully selects and imports its fabrics from Europe, guaranteeing superior quality clothes and meticulous manufacturing while supporting the local industry.


3. For exceptional service

Buying clothes from a Quebec designer not only allows you to get beautiful quality creations, but also to benefit from exceptional customer service.


Sales service

Both in-store and online, our salespeople are always available to provide you with a personalized and positive experience. Whether you have questions about size, clothing, delivery time, etc., you will certainly find someone to help you and answer your questions.


Customization service

Personalization is an important aspect of any luxury experience. Most Quebec designers can offer you the possibility to personalize your items by sending you a sketch of the creations that you can modify according to your needs in order to adapt it to your personal style. It is these little touches that make the experience enjoyable for the customer and build long term loyalty.


4. For decent working conditions

It is no secret that most of the clothes sold by department stores are made in China, Bangladesh, India or Cambodia, where textile workers are paid very little and working conditions are unethical, even dangerous. According to statistics, in 2013 in Cambodia, a textile worker earned about $0.33 per hour, $0.38 in Vietnam and between $0.55 and $0.94 in China.

By buying clothes from Quebec designers, you encourage local consumption and you can be sure that your clothes have been made under ethical conditions and in a safe environment that respects the rights of the workers and provides them with an adequate wage for their work. In Quebec, this is at least $12.50 per hour.

At Iris Setlakwe, 90% of the clothes are made in Montreal by workers who benefit from very good working conditions and a good salary.


5. For the environment

Buying locally is a great way to protect the planet and reduce your ecological footprint. Clothes are made locally, which reduces transportation and encourages the creation of local jobs. Also, buying clothes from a Quebec designer is a sustainable consumption since the clothes have a longer durability. You don't have to buy the same thing every time, which reduces overconsumption.

 Iris Setlakwe sticks to an ecological and responsible consumption and never stops evolving, modernizing and refining to offer her customers timeless pieces!  

If you are looking for unique and quality pieces that will last you a long time, consider visiting the boutiques of Quebec designers, you will be charmed by their creations and even more by the artisans behind these brands and their unique stories.  

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