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by Iris Setlakwe 12 Feb 2021 0 Comments


We would love to know your favorite local businesses you discovered during the pandemic. 

Iris is a Canadian businesswoman who has been producing her collections in her hometown for 20 years now.

It is very important to understand that local support is essential during difficult times as we are living right now. This is why Iris has sent us some of her favorite Montreal businesses she wanted to share with you. 

With the pandemic reaching new height, we cannot stress enough the need to encourage local businesses. In the past few months alone, Google searches for “how to help small businesses” and “near me” increased dramatically.

That being so, Iris listed a few of our favorite local business she would love to share. Enjoy !


1. Café Myriade 

Café Myriade

Our love story with Café Myriade goes way back. When it comes to starting the day off right there’s nothing better then their speciality coffees.

Myriade combines locally roasted premium quality coffee to a cool modern interior design.  Do yourself a favor and try it their amazing espresso !

2. La bête à Pain 

Founder, Iris Setlakwe, discovered La bête a Pain a few years ago while strolling on Fleury Street. Since that day, the bakery has been the family go-to for Sunday morning croissant. You’ll also find one of the best sourdough bread in town and all kind of sweet treats!

La bête à pain is one the best bakery we have ever been to. Iris discovered this place two years ago on Fleury St. and have been a fan since day 1. You can find some amazing croissant in the morning and the best bread you will ever eat. You won't regret your spot once try their products. 

3. Maison Pépin

Bored and stuck at home amid the latest coronavirus lockdown, many people opted for a spot of redecorating to pass the time. From furniture to outdoor décor to unique finds there is something for everyone at Maison Pépin.

During this pandemic a lot of people decided to invest in their home since we were 24/7 in it. Well, this amazing boutique has a lot to offer in home decorations. Maison Pépin is located in the Old Montreal and is the perfect place to buy some special decoration for your home. 


4. Vertuose 

Located in really trendy Mile end neighborhood, Vertuose is a family-owned Montreal Flower Shop. Their planters & accessories were used in Iris latest campaign.

Warning to all plant lover, you will be amazed by their wide variety.

Iris discovered this trendy boutique on Saint-Laurent while looking for accessories for a campaign. She was passing on Saint-Laurent and fell in love with their concept. If you are a fan of Plants, you will be blown away by the presentation and the different product offered in the store. 

5. Un Art De Vivre

Last but not least, Un Art de Vivre who just recently launched their e-commerce store is a real eye-catcher for us. Indeed, women owned and locally based this start-up offers all natural aesthetic candle combined to a divine scent. Stay tuned as their products will soon be available in all of our stores.

A local company we discovered online. It offers handmade candles. Affordable and comforting products that can be used as decoration in a home. Candles called "bubble candles" were already very trendy in Europe during Iris' last business trip. We are very happy to have found a Quebec company that offers the same products made in Quebec.

*Available soon in our boutiques.

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